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Fully adjustable sunglasses, both of nose pads and of the end tips

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The NRC’s target is to think of all that is essential for complete and effective protection of the eyes, creating perfect products for cyclists and at the same time suitable for any sports.

What distinguishes us is the desire to emerge from the group, because they think outside the always leads to new ideas, innovative possibilities patterns we experience calling into question, in addition to industry experts, the real consumers of the end product. Before starting the production in fact, each pair of glasses is given to test to a number of amateur cyclists who test on the field and give us detailed feedback necessary to make the improvements necessary to get a final product that is at the top for comfort, protection and style.


In 1947 for the first time in history a manned aircraft in level flight exceeds the speed of sound, his name is X-1.

This l ‘inspiration for the NRC X-SERIES: break through the barriers.

That of the technique, through the ‘use of sophisticated materials so as to obtain the best quality for what concerns the lenses, going to amplify the view, the frame that gains lightness, the lug being adjustable that is convenient for each face and finally the temples that thanks to removable pads allow the rider the ability to choose whether to further lighten their glasses.

For us though, the most important wall to break, is that the design of a pair of glasses usually arises between those who think the product and who ultimately their accommodations.

The NRC X-SERIES is totally designed from dialogue with amateur cyclists and design phase, which is usually the opening words for the construction of an item, it is depending on the characteristics required by those who deal in reality with adversity to counter.

We are proud to present a pair of glasses designed and developed entirely by us with you!


The predominant feature in the universe is not, as we are led to believe, the symmetry, but the asymmetry and motivation of this prevalence is very simple: what is equal to itself has no chance of development.

To explain the ‘idea behind the innovative shape given to’ XY glasses, take for example the element in the human being comes closer to perfection in terms of functionality: the brain.
It is formed from two hemispheres specialize in different skills put into connection only at a later time through the corpus callosum, ultimately obtaining a ‘unitary action. This difference between the two hemispheres is precisely defined functional asymmetry.

From here the reflection on how to make possible an effective unitary protection despite the stresses that arrive to the two different sides of the cyclist.

So in this regard we propose a completely innovative eyewear design, for which we have patented a unique lens, but ASIMMETRIC.

The human binocular vision allows the focus of all that is front and in this sense the lens dell’XY maintains the ‘standard ensuring maximum protection approach; what makes the difference is the diversity of the lens cut between the two sides so going to improve and greatly amplify the perception device, which for a cyclist on the road is essential.

Right then we maintain full coverage, which serves to protect against sudden reflexes of any obstacles that come in the side; It left instead of the lens is substantially tapered thus giving more brightness useful to give the rider the direct perception of what happens when such is exceeded or turns his head to look back.


La Tecnologia testata dagli AtletiTOP SECRET


The NRC products are beautiful and performing, and allow you to achieve better results in any sports competition.

The lighter materials, fine finishes and the technology tested directly with the best athletes, are the basis of each individual glasses NRC

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